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The Twins - Face To Face Heart To Heart (Extended Version)

The medical literature on conjoined twins is replete with descriptions of the complexity of surgical separations. However, airway management, although quite challenging, is neglected in literature. We present experience with conjoined twins united anteriorly at the thorax and abdomen sharing one six-chambered heart. Laryngoscopy and intubation recommendations, bronchoscopy techniques, and tracheotomy strategies are outlined for the face-to-face twins. Difficult, unique case report at tertiary care medical center. Conjoined thoraco-omphalopagus twins were successfully intubated at birth using the rigid Seldinger-assisted videotelescopic intubation (SAVI) technique. Flexible airway endoscopy allows for timely management of ventilator-dependent conjoined twins. Tracheotomy was later performed with the twins in the upright position with heads slightly rotated. Meticulous attention to detail, monitoring and vigilance are mandatory. Successful management of conjoined twins relies on close communication and cooperation of all members of the multidisciplinary team. Conjoined thoraco-omphalopagus twins united anteriorly require a challenging airway management strategy. A three-dimensional perspective is utilized for intubation and tracheotomy. The SAVI technique is helpful for difficult intubations in the emergent twin airways.

The Twins - Face To Face Heart To Heart (Extended Version)

During the physical examination, doctors look for evidence of a serious cause. To check for symptoms of preeclampsia, doctors measure blood pressure, listen to the heart and lungs, and may check the woman's reflexes and look at the back of her eyes with an ophthalmoscope (a handheld device that resembles a small flashlight). Doctors also look for areas of swelling, particularly in the legs, hands, and face. Any swollen areas are checked to see if they are red, warm, or tender.

The presence of a single umbilical artery denotes the presence of other congenital malformations that could have been revealed by post-mortem examination in the present case, which was denied by the parents. Intra-uterine death in this case was probably multi-factorial i.e. complications of severe anemia in the mother, obstructed labor, multiple skull fractures and right side heart failure. Death of one of the conjoint twins is usually followed by the death of the other. Most of the dicephalus twins have one uro-genital system. In our case there were two urinary bladders and, to our knowledge, this is the first documented case with such anomaly.

Gradually the donor twin will have a substantially lower blood supply, leading to anaemia as well as less amniotic fluid. The recipient twin will have an excessive blood supply, leading to excess urine production, bloating of the amniotic sac with too much fluid, and risk of a prenatal form of heart failure. Both twins will be born with birth defects and are very much at risk for being born preterm. If detected in time they may be treated in the womb and should be born healthy.

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Having a tooth extraction may also change the way the muscles in a face appear. In fact, according to the previously mentioned 2014 study examining identical twins, tooth extractions are a significant risk factor for facial asymmetry.

Description23 Pairs of Identical Twins Face Image Data. The collecting scenes includes indoor and outdoor scenes. The subjects are Chinese males and females. The data diversity inlcudes multiple face angles, multiple face postures, close-up of eyes, multiple light conditions and multiple age groups. This dataset can be used for tasks such as twins' face recognition.

Adele married Rene just when things were getting worse between Mother and Daddy, and because of that, Mother had only me to take out her troubles on. I didn't mind that she rode me like a French Quarter horse; she was much harder on herself than me. I'd see Mother waiting like a lovestruck girl at the kitchen table with Daddy's dinner warming on the stove, but he rarely made it home before we were all asleep. She had a broken heart and a sick heart and it was my job to keep it from getting worse. Maybe to keep him, Mother became pregnant, carrying twins she must have known she wouldn't see grow up. It was a miracle she survived to term. After they were born, it fell to me to raise them. By the time this Lucien business started, Ava and Ana were six years old, and they had long been my responsibility. 041b061a72


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