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[S4E13] I Guess I'm Floating

Andy, Sullivan, Dean and Ben are faced with a tough choice while trying to save a couple trapped in their car. Meanwhile, Dean second guesses his legal fight against the Seattle Police Department; Travis' dad fears he will be outed when his "golfing friend" is exposed to COVID-19; and Carina's immigration status is called into question.

[S4E13] I Guess I'm Floating

Cut to an exterior view of the Colossus, focused on the cockpit; blasts of flame flash from within as Korra and Kuvira duel. Cut to the interior. Staggering momentarily backward, Korra throws a blast of fire with a punch and dodges several metalbending attacks from Kuvira; they fly past her as Kuvira rotates into the frame. As soon as she does, Korra attacks her with airbending before sending a kick at Kuvira amplified by firebending. They miss as Kuvira dodges, spins around, her three orbs of metal floating next to her head, and sends multiple fragments of the metal at Korra. As Korra firebends at her from offscreen and Kuvira blocks the attack by reforming a shield with the metal from her orbs, the shot cuts to Korra as she stops firebending and jumps into the air, metalbending the shield down and kicking a gust of air at Kuvira, who tumbles backward and slams into the windows and control panel. Briefly staggered, she sends the shield at Korra, who ducks easily under it and physically attacks Kuvira, locking her legs around Kuvira's neck and flipping her over, throwing her backward onto the control platform, hitting the platform two times before rolling to a stop. Korra bends the metal beneath her, tossing her briefly limp form into the air. As Korra jumps into the air to land a crushing blow, the action becomes slow-motion and the shot cuts to Kuvira, now fully awake and seeing the oncoming Korra. As the shot cuts to a wide shot of both of them, still in slow-motion, Korra and Kuvira act simultaneously in midair, Korra airbending at Kuvira even as Kuvira bends a panel of the floor at Korra. The two blows land at the same time as the scene resumes normal time and both Korra and Kuvira are tossed away from each other by the combination of attacks, landing at opposite sides of the cockpit of the Colossus in clouds of dust and muffled yells. 041b061a72




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