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The film is associated with a well known rumor in the world of cinema. The story goes that when the film was first shown, the audience was so overwhelmed by the moving image of a life-sized train coming directly at them that people screamed and ran to the back of the room. Hellmuth Karasek in the German magazine Der Spiegel wrote that the film "had a particularly lasting impact; yes, it caused fear, terror, even panic."[3] However, some have doubted the veracity of this incident such as film scholar and historian Martin Loiperdinger [de] in his essay, "Lumiere's Arrival of the Train: Cinema's Founding Myth".[4] Others such as theorist Benjamin H. Bratton have speculated that the alleged reaction may have been caused by the projection being mistaken for a camera obscura by the audience which at the time would have been the only other technique to produce a naturalistic moving image.

evermotion 3d people vol. 2 .13




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