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The Ultimate Guide to Alien Skin Plugins For Adobe Photoshop: How to Download, Install, and Use Them

The curves tab within the Exposure 3 interface is beautifully laid out and uses a series of sliders as opposed to relying on our ability to use manually placed points (a-la photoshop, et al) and provides a much more balanced, controlled (and understandable) manipulation for me. You can, of course, grab and drag points as you would in Photoshop, but the fine tuning, and easy to understand sliders, provide the average user a much better experience. You can manipulate, vignette, age (which adds or subtracts scratches and dust), modify grain structure, apply processing tweaks and use other amazingly well thought out tools. Think of it as a true digital darkroom where you are actually processing your files as if they were film or slides, without the chemicals or clean up.

FULL Alien Skin Plugins For Adobe Photoshop | All In One With Serials

Of course you can play with masking different filters in photoshop for varying effect. This was an effort to play with the idea of my previous post using selective color in black and white processing, this time using Exposure 3.

Read comments in many other articles about software. Clearly there is a contingent of people that like to own perpetual right to use software. Sorry you are bitter that Adobe no longer offers this. I think the article is fair with respect to the value you get from the combination of photoshop and Lightroom. Also fair with respect to the fact that this software can be owned for perpetual use for about the same price as a 1 year subscription to adobe.

@M. Lamerse...Oh boy. Here we go... Since you auto-define yourself on your Web Profile as " Works as a photographer and part-time media advisor" I went and visit it. What you call "journalism": is only a bunch of snapshots: No message, which is the MAIN purpose of journalism. I never wrote BETTER on my text, Mr. Journalist. Simply I exposed a personal option when it comes to buy an image editor, thus my PERSONAL experience with those programs for desktop work,BEFORE the iPhone came to town, was, as I mentioned: expensive & unreliable.Then comes your parting thought: "And who cares if you subscribe or not." A blow under the belt. I wasn't asking for your "part-time-media-advisor" Please don't go full-time.




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