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Torchlight 2 Preacher Build

We decided to get married, my little girl and IThe day I bought the licence, I let my freedom flyWe walked up to the preacher, said yes to all he saidAnd if I had to do it again, I'd shoot myself instead

Torchlight 2 Preacher Build

I'm going to Georgia, I'm going to roamI'm going to Georgia, gonna make it my homeGonna build me a cabin, on the mountain so highSo the wild birds and the, turtle doves can't hear my sad cry

Chorus:I'm workin' on a buildin', I'm workin' on a buildin'I'm workin' on a buildin' for my Lord, for my LordIt's a Holy Ghost buildin', it's a holy ghost buildin'It's a Holy Ghost buildin' for my Lord, for my Lord

A mansion for me (a mansion for me)A mansion for me (a mansion for me)Built by my Lord beyond CalvaryBut my little hut I'll just let it beLord Jesus is building a mansion for me

Now some folks say that a preacher won't steal (raise a ruckus tonight)I caught two in my watermelon field (raise a ruckus tonight)They were eatin' them watermelons, throwin' away the rinds (raise a ruckus tonight)They were preachin' and prayin' and stealin' all the time (raise a ruckus tonight)

Multiplayer Issues In general multiplayer for torchlight 2 has always had issues with character mods. Some crash on loading between areas some do not. Best, I can do is say try it and see if it works. If you are aware how to fix this please message me.

If you have a spot where you can safely have a campfire, and with the help of an adult, build a small campfire and enjoy sitting around it. Want to know how to build a campfire? Smokey the Bear has directions for how to build one safely.


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