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[S3E5] Roller Disco 2021

When Leonard, Howard, Penny and Bernadette return to the apartment after roller skating, they find Sheldon sitting on a stool with hundreds of marbles all over the floor, still stuck in the problem. Both Leonard and Penny slip on the marbles falling on their butts. Bernadette realizes that Sheldon is overtired, and makes him go to bed by verbally intimidating him, and reminding him that a lack of REM sleep leads to impaired cognitive function.

[S3E5] Roller Disco

A few hours afterwards, Leonard and Penny are asleep again, but Sheldon wakes them up and tells them that his solution to his math problem is working in a menial job, much like how Albert Einstein did when he was working at the Patent Office in Switzerland and discovered special relativity.

Jackie: You guys, the Roller Disco Doo-dah is coming to Kenosha next Friday!Hyde: Oh, my God. Guess what! [blows raspberry]Jackie: See, now, that's the kind of thing the judges really frown upon during competition, Steven.Hyde: Excuse me?Jackie: We're gonna be partners. Skating partners.Hyde: Hey, how about instead, you hit me in the face with a wrench, and I black out?Jackie: Steven this is not just a last chance at roller disco. It's a last chance at love. Our love. Now, will you or will you not skate with me?Hyde: I would, Jackie but seeing you there in your cute little skating outfit with all your tassels and sequins... I might be tempted to push you down a flight of stairs.

Kelso: All right. Jackie, what do you say: you and me, roller disco? I mean, we used to have some good moves, you know, like, when we did it... So it would be like that except for with lights and skates. Jackie: Okay. Um, first of all, you make me sick. Okay? Second, you're lame, and you make me sick. Third, you make me sick, and any one of these guys would be a better partner than you, even Fez.Fez: Really? Then I am in.Jackie: Um, no, I didn't really mean it, Fez.Fez: Oh, then I am out. Damn it. Let me in.

Donna: Kelso, who cares? It's a stupid roller disco thing.Kelso: Yeah, I guess you're right. It's silly for me to be jealous. You're a good friend, Donna.Donna: Yeah. 'Cause when you think about it, I mean, what does Fez have going for him except an incredibly sexy accent and an extremely hot body?Kelso: Okay. Now you're being a bad friend, Donna.Donna: I mean, come to think of it, if Fez helps Jackie win a roller disco, she might just rip his clothes off and have sex with him right there on the rink. That's how hot he is.Kelso: Bad friend, Donna! Bad!

The free to play, fast-paced roller derby game (with splashes of Rocket League and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater) was due to be released in early 2020 but suffered several delays, with the most recent being in February 2022.

Roller Champions sees players battle in teams of three to race around roller derby tracks while in possession of a ball, with a successful score at the end of each lap granting a point. Whichever team is first to five points, or has the most points at the end of the match, wins.

The episode starts off with Donna finding a pair of panties in the Vista Cruiser, and she immediately assumes that Eric is cheating on her with his lab partner. The group of friends is shocked when they discover who the panties really belong to. They are all filled with surprise, and their assumptions are wrong. Red's doctor's appointment shows that he has high blood pressure and Kitty puts him on a strict diet, which he finds inedible. To add to the chaos, Kelso gets a new nickname at the cafeteria due to a mishap.

Meanwhile, Leo visits the Formans to speak on Steven's behalf. Donna discovers why Jackie is so obsessed with Hyde. As the episode goes on, it becomes clear that Red's anger is based in his fear of drugs, and his attempt to protect the other kids from the dangers of drug use. It is up to Eric to decide if he should tell the truth and keep Hyde in the house, or if he should keep his secret and let Hyde be kicked out.

As punishment for being "dope-heads", Red gives Eric and Hyde a curfew. Laurie is all for it until she discovers that it applies to her too. Red booby-traps the house so that he'll know if there are any escape attempts, and keeps increasing the discipline, despite Kitty's pleas for leniency. Jackie is still trying to convince Hyde that she's the woman for him, but he's not buying it.

Jackie has wonderful news: there's a roller disco competition in Kenosha and she wants Hyde to be her partner. When she finds that he's more than unwilling, she's left with a choice between Kelso and Fez, and after seeing their moves, she chooses Fez. This leaves Kelso less than happy, and more than a little jealous. Red, meanwhile, is being sued by an ex-Price Mart employee for wrongful termination, and has to prove to the Labor Board that he's not "unnecessarily angry."

Fez and Donna pretend to date so Caroline will leave him alone, but she stalks him anyways, until Fez tells her he doesn't like her any more. Bob reads the deed to his house and discovers that he owns half of Red's garage but Red sets him straight by turning the deed around and proving him wrong. Eric and Hyde have a pool going on when Kelso and Jackie will fight.

1. The price shall be set by the seller less agreed discount, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties. The price is exclusive of applicable California State and Country Sales Tax or any other applicable costs.

Rock The Bells made history five years ago with the launch of Rock The Bells ch. 43 on SiriusXM LIVE, right from the pulsating heart of the World on Wheels roller skating rink launch party. Creating an unparalleled sonic experience that blends timeless Hip-Hop with a fresh, contemporary perspective, Rock The Bells has embarked on a journey to give fans unparalleled access to legendary artists, MCs, and cultural icons.

In Season 7, the guys decided to play hooky from work. Though they initially want to go to a strip club, they end up at Northridge Skateland for some roller-skating. It's located on Parthenia Street in Northridge. In fact, the strip club was real too, but now it sits empty.

Red puts the Forman house under a strict curfew after Eric reveals his marijuana use, booby-trapping the house. Laurie is happy about Eric's situation until she discovers she's under the curfew as well, and Kitty does everything to make Red change his mind.

Eric pulls down Donna's pants during a game of basketball and her "Granny Panties" are exposed and Eric must deal with the repercussions. Valentine's Day occurs and Kelso makes a shocking discovery about Laurie.

Cut to Jake in the bathroom talking to Gina, revealing that his plan fully revolved around Charles rollerskating skills. Gina is outraged that he has such little faith in her and her skating abilities, reminding him of Jean Sutton's birthday party in the fourth grade where she also mentions her 7 minutes in heaven with Todd Cohen, stating that she can do anything Charles can. Jake then revealed he had a body double hired for Boyle, Bill. 041b061a72




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