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Licence For Mplab Xc8 Compiler ##BEST## Crackl

  • Fixed errors:fixed compiler error when result of complex expression that used left shift wasn't promoted to 32 bits

  • fixed compiler error when byte was shifted left by 16

  • fixed problems in BoostBuild remote build server

  • fixed problem when pdf help files could not be launched under windows 7 from SourceBoost IDE Help menu

  • removed incorrect compiler warning when variable passed into a call as a reference was reported as uninitialised

  • Documentation:added chapter about large memory model into compiler help

  • added detailed description of long promotion into compiler help

  • added chapter about efficient way to write byte stream into a variable into compiler help

  • System libraries:added ___get_heap_info function that shows size of allocated/free heap memory (PIC18 only)

  • BoostWizard:added support for LCD driver

  • added support for UART driver

  • MPLAB:added support for optimisation levels 0/1/2 into compiler integration into MPLAB

  • SourceBoost V7.21 (28-Jan-2014) fixed problem in code generation for binary 'or' operation for 8 and 16 bit constants

  • added 7 segment leds plugin

  • added check for admin when running preg under vista or above

  • BoostBuild protocol rewritten to improve reliability

  • added support for arrays declared in PIC16F1xxx linear address space

  • added error for non-array variables placed into linear address range

  • added SourceBoost IDE menu to reset bar layout

  • fixed caret blink rate to match system settings

  • fixed SourceBoost IDE search problem when some legitimate files were skipped (caused by these file attributes excluded from search)

  • added compile time output for verbose mode

  • preg updated to give a hint to continue with pressing the OK button when ide or goodies are selected

  • fixed problem where last changes caused ICD register reservations not to work on some targets (namely PIC12F629, and potentially others)

  • replaced shortcut in SourceBoost IDE to the Workspace menu from Crl+W to Ctrl+A

  • added address truncation detection in linker so that addresses that can't be reached with normal instruction addressing, but need fsr use, are flagged

  • added support for PIC18F24K50, PIC18F25K50 and PIC18F45K50

  • fixed broken heap allocation code for PIC16x targets

  • added support for wizard extension and expansion trough lua based scripting

  • added wizard support for PIC18 targets

  • SourceBoost V7.20 (04-June-2013) Fixed ide crash at startup (happens when last project that is being opened at startup contains TODO or FIXME in its sources)

  • Fixed incomplete code generation for pointers increment and decrement when large memory model is used

  • Fixed binary or problem with 8 and 16 bit long constants

  • User selection for "enable build server" setup setting is remembered between installations

  • SourceBoost V7.12 (12-May-2013) fixed pointer container member increment and decrement

  • made installation of the build server optional

  • fixed problem with Mplab X integration

  • fixed problem when compiler in some cases generated duplicate labels for complex expressions

  • fixed Novo RTOS issue when code locked up when task was put to sleep

  • fixed IDE crash that happened when IDE fails to parse wizard templates

  • fixed problem with PREINC and POSTDEC registers when generating code for PIC16x targets

  • SourceBoost V7.11(18-February-2013) fixed watch window for very big values for unsigned long type

  • fixed problem when debug session wasn't closed correctly when another workspace was opened during debugging

  • boostlink.exe renamed into boostlink_picmicro.exe

  • installation modified to check DEP settings only if wmic.exe is present

  • installation updated to include vc2008 redistributives

  • removed -swcs linker option prom proj file (this option is stored in config file and is auto-generated if missing in novo projects)

  • re-built lcd_helper.lib library from BoostBasic examples using latest tools

  • open workspace now lets user select from both workspace and project files

  • ide changed to store extra options in config file

  • updated ide check for novo based projects that have missing -swcs linker option

  • fixed random ide crash

  • fixed bug when ide did not enclose prebuild.bat and postbuild.bat commands into double quotes if their path contained spaces

  • fixed (disabled?) crash under Windows 7 64bit "The activation context being deactivated is not the most recently activated one"

  • fixed bug in error reporting when target config file was not found

  • PIC18 eeprom library split into 2: 8 and 16 bit addressing

  • fixed Novo bug: Tasks executed when not expected. Caused by incorrect capature to maximum task priority.

  • added #ifndef and #endif into system headers to prevent multiple inclusion of header files.

  • added sorting for files in the workspace tree

  • updated mplabx plugin

  • fixed problem when compiler was reported an error for function pointer declaration when one extern and another not extern were used

  • fixed problem in IDE when wizard didn't work if there was no active project (i.e. in empty workspace)

  • fixed problem when release build didn't parse empty bit names in config file correctly (i.e. BitNames = "","","","NOT_TO","NOT_PD","Z","DC","C";)

  • fixed problem when optimisation (dead code removal) was being applied when it shouldn't.

  • fixed linker bug when code page switch lost in some functions containing asm code

  • fixed problem when setup didn't stop build service and this caused error later when service file was supposed to be overwritten

  • fixed problems with expressions enclosed into parentheses

  • increased various preprocessor limits like macros size or include depth

SourceBoost V7.10(03-July-2012) Installation

Licence For Mplab Xc8 Compiler Crackl




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