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Nabi Jr 2 Best Buy

Thank you, I have just been looking for info approximately this topic for a long time and yours is the best I have found out till now. But, what concerning the conclusion? Are you sure in regards to the source?

nabi jr 2 best buy

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Hello. Very good review of the nabi Jr. However it seems i am the only person who have a problem with apps becoming frozen (puzzles, countings, camera, gallery this with error message often). So We love it, My boy loves it but it is disappointing to have this tablet frozen several times while using it and having my boy running after me screaming Daddy help!! So any advices or information will be welcome.

I was considering the same issue, my son can also work our iPads,iPhones , Xbox, tv remote, but I still think the nabi jr is a better choice. It is really catered to the younger ones and will give them confidence as they master the nabi jr. I feel there is a difference between unlocking an iPad and finding a game and playing it VS a 3yr old having their own device and really using the device to its full capacity. My son is 2, and can work any touch screen device in the house, but his cousins nabi 2 can do much more then he can. I feel the nabi jr will grow with them and give him electronic independence. It will really feel like his device, you know? By the time your little one can use the nabi jr to its full capacity, the nabi 2 will likely be outdated anyhow. May be ready for a nabi 4 by then! This is just my opinion, but only retailing for $100, if he gets 2 years out of it I feel it was worth it . Our dinner bill is typically a $50 bill before tip.

Thank You for all that information.. Now let me ask you a question.. Do you think a nabi jr is simply not for a 15 month old? Maybe still to young? Or is it a good kick starter? My daughter loves grabbing my phone and iPad and is very comfortable playing with them.. Obviously i am not as these Are expensive.. So i would like to get her something for her.

Thank you for this review. I am trying to decide which tablet to purchase for my 2.5 yo twins. Right now they use my ipad but I want a more affordable and kid friendly option. I am torn between nabi jr nick jr version, nabi 2 disney version, and Samsung galaxy 3 7.0. Since I have to buy 2 I want to buy something they can grow into but can realistically operate. I have read a lot of reviews and each tablet seems to offer great educational tools. Since i have to but 2 i want something they can grow into and use for awhile, so what would you buy? Help! Thank you.

so i have had the nabi jr nick jr for about a week i noticed something that annoyed me.i would like to shut off all or some of the nick jr apps and there does not seem to be a way daughter like the videos and i would like to steer her towards the other apps.

I had this problem. I called the nabi support line and they will tell you how to reboot the system. Once you reboot it to factory settings you will have to download all of the games again. Unfortunately, this is the only way to get it unstuck! I have two nabi's (one for each of my sons) and I had to do it for the other nabi a couple of weeks after the first one. I googled how to reset the nabi and there should be a youtube video that walks you through it!

We received two dreamtabs for the holidays. One worked and one perpetually tried to load. We tried factory reset but it hadn't ever been set up anyway. We had to return it. The replacement had the same issue. I returned it and bought one from another retailer (first two were from best buy last was from Amazon). That one worked. It's now been a few months and their both still working. If factory reset isn't working then my recommendation is replace it if you can.

I just figured it out. Press the unlock button down in the right corner and drag to the left SLOWLY.If it goes to the camera hold down the volume buttons and the power button. Then turn it back on. Do the same thing. If the touch screen malfunctions turn your nabi over. IT WORKS WITH MINE

This souns like its either a motherboard issue, battery issue or just a software issue. If its a motherboard issue, then you cant fix it. If its the battery, you can check with the company and see if its still under the warranty, or see how much they would charge to put a new one in it. But before you do all that, try doing a hard reset on the tablet. Make sure the tablet it fully powered down, Press and hold the power up key, and the Power key at the same time. Wait for the recovery mode to show up in the corner. These are just general hard reset instructions, its possible it might not work for this particular tablet. If it doesnt work, then google the nabi dream tab hard reset. and look for a button combination. Hope this was helpful for you.

So you did the whole reset process, and now it just stuck. Try a couple more times, just to be sure, and if it still does the same thing, like i said before it could be your logic board. Contact Nabi and see if you can send it in. That would be your best bet at this point.

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