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Extreme Exorcism PSN

Parents need to know that Extreme Exorcism is a downloadable action platformer set in a haunted house teeming with ghosts. Armed with more than 20 weapons, players take on the role of an extreme exorcist tasked with ridding the house of evil spirits. Though the game is set in a haunted house with ghosts, thanks to 8-bit retro-style graphics, nothing seems very scary. Violence in the game is of a fantasy nature: Ghosts are defeated with various weapons and disappear when killed. Most of the game can be played with friends through local co-op, and there's no online component. Controls are easy to understand and pick up, making the co-op experience suitable, and fun, for most ages.

Extreme Exorcism PSN

In EXTREME EXORCISM, players take on the role of one of four extreme exorcists whose powers are called upon to rid a haunted house of its ghostly presence. Instead of using clichéd horror-movie-style exorcism techniques such as holding a séance or splashing holy water around, these extreme exorcists cast out evil spirits using less than traditional methods. From swords to rocket launchers, an arsenal of more than 20 weapons will spawn in various areas on each level. Players can grab up to the three friends and play through Arcade mode, complete 50 special challenges, or compete against each other for the most kills in Deathmatch mode.

Take on the role of Mae Barrons; an Extreme Exorcist with extreme measures. Her supernatural skills are called upon when everything and everyone else has failed to rid a haunted house of its ghostly presence.

All of this can get overwhelming, but there is hope. Occasionally a super-power will appear at a weapon pickup spot, and should you get it, allow you to create a fairly small exorcism circle, that should any ghost get captured in it, they are permanently exorcised and will not appear in following rounds. The key here is to make sure you know where the hotspots of the ghosts seem to go (perhaps you always went towards the top corner, so a lot of previous ghosts are over there) and then to time it so that you can capture the most ghosts at any given time. In order to survive to later stages and pad your scores, you will need to make sure you use these to great effectiveness so that you are clearing out 3-7 ghosts on every usage. I think the power appears after every 5-6 ghosts you kill so you can (and I have) worked my way from a large selection of ghosts back down to a single ghost 20 rounds in at that point.

As you score more kills throughout the game you'll also unlock more weapons. You can carry up to three weapons at any given time in arcade mode, and up to six in deathmatches, leaving you with plenty of options to take out the competition. Weapons range from the serious, like a rocket launcher, to the silly, like the Wand of Doom which creates a spectral skull for your enemies to get devoured by. The best pickup by far are the exorcism wings, which create a pink aura around your character that permanently removes any ghosts it comes in contact with from the field and from future rounds as well, meaning you can extend your play by having fewer enemies to contend with in the next round.

Of course, if competitive multiplayer is more your speed, Extreme Exorcism offers a deathmatch mode. This mode is extremely similar to Towerfall in the sense that it just drops the players in an arena and has them battle it out while grabbing random weapons. Deathmatch is also highly customizable, with a dozen pre-set game modes to choose from, as well as the ability to customize nearly every aspect of any of those modes for your own custom game. Sitting down with your friends and knocking out a few matches seldom feels stale, thanks to how many ways you can tweak the game modes. Deathmatch really is Extreme Exorcism's bread and butter. It would have certainly benefitted from having online capabilities for this mode, but it's hard to fault it for lacking connectivity when the core gameplay is so much fun. 041b061a72




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